Worship. Pray. Read. Repeat.

“Whether it was two days or a month, or even a longer time, that the cloud continued over the tabernacle, abiding there, the people of Israel remained in camp and did not set out, but when it lifted they set out.” Numbers 9:22

How nice to have such clear direction. They of course, still could have ignored it, but it was obvious direction! Sometimes the direction of the Lord doesn’t seem so obvious, Or is it that in the lack of direction, we are looking for a sign to affirm our own desires, when actually no direction means stay where you are and walk through it with him?

Another option is that he is speaking to us but we are not paying attention. Maybe we have our lives so full and so noisy that we don’t hear or recognize his voice from all the other voices.

I want to spend enough time with the Lord that when he speaks, I recognize his voice.

It’s a relationship like any other kind. We must spend time together to establish a covenant of hearts. We must pour out our hearts him, and allow him to pour out his to us! How do we do that? Worship. Pray. Read. Repeat. The repeat is vital. What kind of relationship do you have with someone you only spend time with occasionally?

A close, intimate relationship with God, is the sole purpose of our creation. It is what God wants and why he created us. Sure, our sin ruined the perfect plan, but it didn’t stop THE plan. It didn’t stop the opportunity to have that relationship with him. He made a way through Jesus.

We can’t remove the sin from this world. He will do that at the appointed time. Nevertheless, we can still have the relationship! It is completely up to us. He is there, beside us, waiting to talk, waiting to listen, waiting to help us, waiting to bless us. Let us not ignore him! Let us not have a one-sided relationship, where we do all the talking. That is like sitting in a Ferrari but not starting it, or sitting in it, starting it, but not driving it. There is so much to experience if we will be purposeful in engaging with him. Let’s pursue a relationship with our God and Savior. Worship him. Pray to him. Read his Word. Then repeat as often as we can. The more time we spend with him, the better and fuller our life will be, for having him in it.

Worship. Pray. Read. Repeat.

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