Reading the Directions

Have you ever tried to put something complicated together without reading the directions?

The Bible is meant to be a manual. ie; instructions, directions The Bible was not meant to be a book of laws. On the contrary! It is the Good News. It is the directions to this life we find ourselves in.

Anything you purchase comes with instructions that show you how to operate the item to achieve its full potential and purpose. The instructions are meant to help you assemble and use it in a way that won’t injure you or damage it.

The Bible holds the secrets (the wisdom/truth) to success, purpose, joy, peace, love, and treasure. Yes treasure. The treasure is eternity with the God of the universe, the Lord of hosts, the God of love.

The Bible is a love letter from God to his children. It holds the wisdom he wants to pass down to us, so that we don’t get lost and hurt by sin and the enemy that seeks to destroy us. As any parent would write a letter to their child, hoping to give them the best advice possible for a great life and tell them how loved they are, that is what the Bible is. It’s a letter from the Creator, the great I Am, God, and if we choose, our Savior and our friend.

Parts of the Bible, like Genesis and Job, are said to be over 3400 years old. Revelation is said to be about 1900 years old. What should it say to people today, that it is still around and still changing lives? It’s real. It is the holy, inspired Word of God.

If you want to know how to live your life to its best and fullest potential, if you want to know the secrets to living a fulfilling life and an even better after life, it’s in this book.

Find out for yourself….by reading the directions.

2 Comments on “Reading the Directions”

  1. So very true Sharon
    We all need directions to be successful in everything we do and there is not a better manual available!

    Thank you for sharing your heart❤️


  2. This is one time that MEN should read the instructions. I think back to building a bike for Christmas or putting various gifts together…just looking at the picture but failing in its assembly because of small nuances that were clearly detailed in the instructions….if i would have read them.

    Dont make the mistake of looking at the picture and thinking you can figure it out.


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