“He Can Take It”

I am writing this from a hotel room in Cuba. I have spent the last two days meeting with Christian woman and hearing their stories. Today I sat in a tiny little room probably 8×8 that was a “Home Church” and heard each women tell their story of abandonment or loss of a spouse. The ones they loved, counted on and did life with were gone. They spoke of the faithfulness of God in their journey. Tears streamed down my face as I listened to one after another tell their heartbreaking stories of life’s disappointments and of Gods redemption. I wept because I have experienced a little of that in my life as well. SOMETIMES God does or allows things to happen that don’t make sense to us. Sometimes the enemy does things that we feel like God should have stopped! What do we do with our faith then? What do we do when we are hurting and confused, disappointed and honestly, probably a little angry? Here is the truth: I don’t know why he heals some and not others.  I don’t know why sometimes he takes people that have served him faithfully and loved him and have made a difference in the kingdom of heaven and make this world a better place.  It just doesn’t make sense to me. That’s just one situation I don’t understand. There are more.

1 Peter 5:7 Amplified Bible (AMP). Casting all your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, and all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully].

Here is what I do understand. He is a big God. He is Sovereign and his thoughts are higher than ours, but he is also a loving and understanding God. We can bring our pain, our questions and even our anger to him.  He can take it!  He will walk through it with us. He is patient and loving and he is not afraid of our emotions, our anger or questions. I have had events in my life that caused me to question what I believed about God.  Like these women I met today, I found out that it was okay with him, that I didn’t understand and questioned him. He still loved me and was faithful to love me and guide me through the pain, disappointment, questions and anger. In the end he led me to a place where I trusted him again. In time he showed me his faithfulness and how he had walked with me through the pain and taught me things that gave me greater understanding and it built my faith. It also deepened my relationship with him. He is not afraid of our feelings. He understands emotions. He created us.  Jesus walked this earth and had to feel all of those things. He felt injustice, a broken heart, fear, pain, I could go on and on. HE KNOWS how we feel and IT’S OK to be honest and share it with him. Cast all your cares, anxieties, fears, and pain at the feet of Jesus. Don’t shut him out because you don’t understand why something has happened. Talk to him. I promise you that he will meet you where you are and listen to you, love you and walk with you through whatever it is that you are going through.

A couple of my favorite lines from the song “Bigger Than I Thought” that I’m sharing in this post says, “I THROW all my cares before you, my doubts and fears don’t scare you.” And the other one is, “I will rest in the Father’s hands, and leave the rest in the Father’s hands.”

Yes he is a BIG God. He is the Creator of the universe. The one who makes the waves roar. He is also a personal and intimate Savior who loves us. He is the only one who will never hurt us and will always, ALWAYS be faithful, understanding and forgiving. There is nothing we can say or do that will cause him to stop loving us. There is nothing we can say or do that will make him leave us alone. He is there, even when we choose not to talk to him. He loves us SO MUCH. He is waiting for us to turn to him and unload all that is in our hearts.

In the song “Nobody Loves Me Like You” my favorite line says “Story…I could have had a really different story, but you came down from heaven to restore me, forever saved my life.”

May I encourage you today, no matter what you are going through or how you feel about it, to take the chance on him? Tell him everything and leave it there at his feet.

‭Psalms‬ ‭34:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬ “Taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!







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