Off Plumb?

Have you ever drawn a long line on a piece of paper without using a ruler?  It is difficult to keep it perfectly straight.  Even using a ruler, you can end up with a very straight slanted line.  Plumb is an architectural term that is defined as vertical, absolute.  It is achieved by a lead weight attached to the bottom of a line and the top of the line is above and this is used to indicate a vertical direction, straight down/up.  This procedure results in a vertical absolute, or true.Plumb on white background

If something is referred to as off plumb it is “out of vertical or true.”   Do you think that maybe part of your life might be a little off center, or off plumb?  The only way to achieve this absolute is vertically.  Think about that.  I have been reading “Breathe” by Priscilla Shirer.  In it she talks about keeping the Sabbath.   She asks the question, “What does the Sabbath accomplish?”  I believe that when we set apart time every week and every day to spend time in the presence of the Lord, we are refreshed and our faith and hearts are encouraged, but even more than that, we are shown and reminded of truth.  In the presence of truth we can examine our day, our week, our thoughts and the choices we are making to see of they line up with the truth of God.  If we do this on a regular basis it can give us the opportunity to correct our path before we get too far off center. It keeps us plumb.  When we get in the presence of the Lord, he shines the straight absolute light of  truth and we can see if we are plumb or off plumb.

labor man using a plumb bob for check 	 pillar

In her book I learned there is a saying in the Jewish community that says, “More than Israel has kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept Israel.”   I get it.  When we choose to set a margin of time in our week or our day for corporate and personal worship, it keeps us grounded.  It requires a disciplined choice to set apart this margin of time in our day and in our week.  We are choosing to trust God to redeem and bless the time away from work and the business of life, while we rest, worship and remember his blessings and stand on his promises.   Will you trust God to redeem that time out of your week and out of your day as you put him first?



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